Notice of Meeting and Record Date

TO: All Applicable Securities Commissions TSX Venture Exchange

Pursuant to the requirements of National Instrument 54-101 in connection with the upcoming annual general meeting of the shareholders of Altair Resources Inc., the Company hereby provides the following notice:

Meeting Date: November 22, 2018

Record Date for Notice: October 16, 2018

Record Date for Voting: October 16, 2018

Beneficial Ownership Determination Date: October 16, 2018

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

CUSIP / ISIN Number: 02137W101 / CA02137W1014

Class of Securities Entitled to Receive Notice: Common

Class of Securities Entitled to Vote: Common

Type of Meeting: Annual General Meeting

Notice and Access for Registered Holders: No

Notice and Access for Beneficial Holders: No

Issuer Sending Proxy Related Materials Directly to NOBOs: No

Company to Pay for Delivery of Materials to OBOs: No

DATED this 20th day of September, 2018.


“Nick DeMare”

Nick DeMare,

Corporate Secretary