Altair Resources Inc. (“Altair” or “The Company”) is focused on the creation of Shareholder value. As a mining company, it is my belief that discovery-through-the-drill-bit needs to be tied to early production and cash flow generation. Shareholders invest in Altair for results.

Altair will endeavour to use share capital to increase shareholder value through acquisition of prospective mineral properties and the timely investigation of the potential behind those acquisitions.

While not all acquisitions will be low cost, long-term accretive value will be our goal. If opportunities present themselves, the Company will aim to move quickly to secure the right properties for our Company (and shareholders) within the context of future value to be realized.

In 2017, as the Company advances its work programs, we anticipate that there will be an opportunity to bring new directors with new expertise to the Board of Directors to strengthen the intellectual capital available to us. Equally a new Advisory Board is being formed to broaden the depth & breadth of experience available.

Finally, input from our shareholder base will always be welcomed. Growth is the method for immediate improvement in shareholder value. To our stakeholders, ethical treatment. To our environment, sustainable practices.

Thank you for your confidence in our company,

The President & CEO, Harold (Roy) Shipes – Mining And Metallurgical Engineer.