Altair hires Value Relations for European IR services

Altair Resources Inc (C:AVX)
Shares Issued 16,896,379
Last Close 6/6/2016 $0.40
Tuesday June 7 2016 – News Release

Mr. John Huguet reports


Altair Resources Inc. has entered into an investor relations consulting agreement with Value Relations GmbH, whereby Value Relations will act as the company’s strategic adviser in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for a period of one year. Value Relations will work with the company to establish and maintain a presence in the German-language market in Europe by providing the company with translation services, public relations support, investor communications and marketing strategies.

Said chairman John Huguet: “We are very pleased to engage Value Relations to create a presence in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I have known and worked with Christoph for many years, and his firm has been successfully supporting Canadian companies for almost 20 years.” In consideration for these services, Value Relations will receive a monthly fee of $2,500, as well as 100,000 stock options exercisable for a period of two years. All stock options granted to Value Relations will vest in accordance with the company’s stock option plan and the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange. The consulting agreement, the payment of the cash fee and the issuance of stock options are subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange.

There is no prior relationship between the company and Value Relations, nor is there any prior direct or indirect interest in the company or its securities or any right to acquire such an interest on the part of Value Relations.