Altair Resources appoints Taheri to advisory board

Altair Resources Inc (2) (C:AVX)
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Tuesday May 24 2016 – News Release


Altair Resources Inc. has appointed Dr. Abo Taheri, PhD, industrial management, to its advisory board. Dr. Taheri is currently managing partner of Denna Homes, a company formed in 2005, which, at present, is developing the billion-dollar Selynn Village in Lower Lynn Valley in North Vancouver, B.C. Dr Taheri brings 35 years of international experience to the advisory board. His educational background brought him experience in London, England, as well as the United States, where he completed his degrees in environmental design, a master in business administration and a doctorate in industrial management. His work experience also has a broad international base, having operated as chief executive officer of six international companies. His enduring reputation is acknowledged as one of the top directors in his industry. The company welcomes Dr. Taheri and his broad experience to its advisory board.

The company’s recently formed advisory board is chaired by Zahir (Zip) Dhanani. Mr. Dhanani has over 20 years of experience in the Canadian mining industry with extensive background in strategic planning, venture capital, capital structure, capital markets, business development, acquisitions and divestments. He has been active in the private equity arena since 1993, having invested and raised early-round financing in mining (precious and industrial mineral exploration), oil and gas (upstream), and technology (Internet/information and clean) sectors. He has served as an officer, director and financier of a variety of resource and technology companies, with industry experience in industrial minerals and real estate development. Mr. Dhanani has held various senior level executive positions in a number of public companies and is currently a director of Terraco Gold Corp.